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Identifying Stakeholders

How do I know who the key stakeholders are for our project? You can generate a list of stakeholders by gathering the interested parties you already know about and asking them a few questions.  Here are some questions recommended in Gamestorming: Who will be impacted by the project? Who will be responsible or accountable for […]

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Stakeholders: Who Are They and What Do They Have at Stake?

Stakeholders:  Who Are They and What Do They Have at Stake? Overheard at a sparsely-attended meeting of an educational consortium: “We’re going to have trouble getting this initiative to move forward, because the (faculty, administrators, parents, etc.)  won’t attend these meetings , and they don’t want to change what they are currently doing to implement […]

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Data-based decision making…or is it?

If I were to ask a group of school leaders, “How many of you practice data-based decision-making?” I suspect that most people in the group would be nodding their heads or raising their hands.  If I asked everyone to write down and hand to me how they plan the evaluation of new programs or investments […]

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