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Data Analysis

pic_DataAnalysisA variety of data analysis techniques can be used to answer various questions a school or district may have. The specific methods used depend on the nature of the data and the question that needs to be answered.

Below is a table of common data analysis techniques techniques I use with samples of questions they could be used to answer:



Mean, median,  and mode What is the average number of credits completed by the end of grade 11?
Standard deviation, range How much do these test scores vary among 7th-graders?
Regression How much improvement in achievement can we expect if class sizes are decreased?
Correlation Is there a significant relationship between 4th-grade reading scores and 12th-grade reading scores?
Chi Square Is the number of females taking advanced math significantly different than the number of males taking advanced math?
Reliability Can we count on this survey to give us an accurate picture of how parents feel about the proposed new school year schedule?
Validity Does the teacher-prepared final exam accurately measure the students’ mastery of the 9th-grade math standards?
Effect size How certain can we be that the new math curriculum made a real difference in student achievement?