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Group Facilitation

pic_GroupFacilitationGroups, such as standing committees and task forces, are often charged with solving problems, coming up with new ideas, gathering information, and making decisions or recommendations.  Sometimes these groups are composed of a variety of stakeholders who do not know each other well, and sometimes the group is made up of people with similar roles who are quite familiar with each other.  Even meetings that are fun or pleasant may not be productive or lead to progress toward the goal, and groups that are beset with power plays, divisiveness, or weak leadership can be worse than having no committee at all.

I use a number of techniques that can improve the outcomes of group meetings by encouraging full participation by all group members, group ownership of decisions, creative thinking, and accurate recording of the meeting’s  outcomes.

I follow-up on group meetings by sending back notes and analysis of the ideas presented, decisions made, and questions raised by group members. In addition to textual summaries, I can also put ideas into graphic form using a variety of software. I will provide recommendations and procedural suggestions as requested.